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The NSTL Project

The NSTL project is originally a port and adaptation of the C++ STL to the .NET world. The main focus is to preserve the concepts and the power of the STL, especially in the area of algorithms and extensibility. It features the complete set of the STL's algorithms, a set of containers that are missing in the System.Collections.Generic namespace and the full range of adapters, binders and functors. It is fully compatible with the .NET collections and concepts and integrates well with them.

Further documentation can be found here.

Current Status

The current releaseversion is 3.0, implemented in .NET 3.5. A .NET 2.0 version is still available, too. Latest Builds are posted on a regular basis. As they are have undergone a full automated release build, they can be considered as stable as a regular release.

Road map

The current release integrates the NSTL tightly with the .NET collections and LINQ. The next step will try to evolve this integration and simplify the use of the NSTL by providing the algorithms of the NSTL as extension methods to omplement the LINQ query operators.

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